Paratext provides the uploader client used for submitting scripture text content to DBL. The scripture text itself is maintained within Paratext by the translation or text maintenance team. The Paratext project includes different sections of configuration settings which supply a portion of the metadata required for submission to DBL. The Global Bible Catalogue (GBC) provides the remainder of the required metadata. Paratext validates that the scripture text and the gathered metadata conform to the standards and syntax defined for a DBL ‘text bundle’.

The process of submitting text content to DBL involves the following steps:

  1. Ensure that all required Paratext project settings are accurate and complete.
  2. Ensure that all required Paratext checks have been completed and any issues are resolved.
  3. Add, edit, or verify that one or more Project Canons have been correctly configured.
  4. Verify that remaining project metadata is available, accurate, and complete in GBC.
  5. Create a DBL Text Bundle and submit it to DBL using the Paratext uploader.